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StarBright Laser

At StarBright Laser, we focus on optoelectronics. Our lasers are world leaders in their applications, our ability to customize products is second to none, and our flexibility in production makes us able to handle any optoelectronics outsourcing.

We are focused on the following three areas.


StarBright lasers are used daily around the world in a broad spectrum of challenging experiments and conditions, delivering reproducible results of the highest quality. They are based on the company's novel proprietary feedback technology for diode lasers, delivering ideal specifications for photonic analysis applications such as Raman spectroscopy. It is a platform for various wavelengths and output power levels.
High power levels can be obtained, while maintaining excellent beam quality, enabling short acquisition time as well as ultra-high spatial and spectral resolution.

Delivering Reproducible Results of Highest Quality

They are used in a variety of applications ranging from nanotechnology to industrial process monitoring. The design gives the laser very stable performance through wide temperature changes, and the good beam quality makes high coupling efficiency to polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers possible...
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If you have suggestions for specific parameters for your application, please contact us. Or maybe you have other special requirements that we can deliver. The broad experience in all aspects of development allows us to create any of your optoelectronics products.

Customize Electronics, Mechanics, Photonics and Communications

Whether it is the photonics, electronics, mechanics or the communications you need to customize, we are used to integrating products into our customers' systems, and would be glad to hear about your needs...
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Should your focus be on R&D instead of repetitive production?
Do you want to scale your production without committing to the investment?

Scale your Production without Investing

Our facilities can handle any optoelectronic products. Since we operate in Sweden you can feel safe and secure while your products are delivered on time and are of the highers quality...
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For further information, please communicate your contact information and the product you are interested in to us and we will get back to you.

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